When will you appear before God?

publishedover 1 year ago
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, I have thought a lot lately on Psalm 84.

One reason for this is the way it sheds light on keeping a perpetual sanctuary of worship and prayer, the assignment we've been given these last 20 years.

The LORD did not entrust this assignment solely to the missionary staff members, nor only to the marketplace professionals—but to both.

Interestingly, neither were Israel's sanctuaries committed only to the keeping of the priests and Levites, but to the entire nation.

It takes a nation to build a house of perpetual prayer.

Why is this? What not just commit it to those "called to the prayer ministry?"

Psalm 84 illustrates the LORD's heart to build sanctuaries of prayer with both of these groups, unified together in a common identity.

Wounded with yearning, the pilgrim psalmist longs to minister to the Giver of grace and glory alongside the Levitical guild’s melodies, and among the endless songs of the swallows.

Whether marketplace pilgrim or resident minister, both embrace a necessary burden and blessing to appear before God.

There’s an invitation for all of us here.

Contented to not simply be present at church, the prayer meeting, or even times of devotion, the question before us is this: will we appear before God?

This past Sunday I shared some of these thoughts and more from Psalm 84 at Forerunner Church, for the notes click here.

You can also sing and pray with me through Psalm 84 here in this amazing prayer meeting lead by Eric Lopes.

, may you know the blessing of being chosen to draw near and be satisfied with the goodness of His house.


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