Rearview Reflections

published11 months ago
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Dear ,

As Christmas and 2020 get smaller in the rear-view of the passing days, and 2021 gets bigger in the windshield, such is the time of year for much needed reflection, as we draw near to the threshold of the changing year.

Reflecting on 2020, we find ourselves marveling at unprecedented sweetness and joy amidst unparalleled disruption and difficulty cast amidst the pandemic, summer rioting, and a contentious election season.

Some of the greatest joys in life come in context of greatest difficulty and we have found that to be true again and again this year.

The Prayer Room: 24/7 Worship & Prayer

One of the most marking things that comes to our mind was a 40-day season of consecration, focused seeking, and fasting we entered into at the beginning of 2020, before the global scene shifted.

Joining our spiritual family here at IHOPKC, as well as thousands of believers across the global Body of Christ, we had no idea of just how strategic and timely such a season of prayer and fasting would be.

, it was in the midst of that 40 days that the pandemic began, and we felt the precious gift of standing together with so many comrades and friends, both locally and across the nations, bound together by grace, seeking to be aligned with Jesus' heart and perspective, sober but unafraid and untroubled in mounting difficulty.

We will never forget one particular day early, as the 40-day fast was nearing an end, the pandemic was now in full swing with lockdown measures in place, and our prayer room was closed to the public and limited to ~15 people.

In a 6am prayer meeting in that room, we were again pierced in a powerful way by the preciousness of these songs and prayers to God.

The singers were few and the prayers weakened from fasting at this particular 6am prayer meeting, but we remember being struck — weeping before the Lord — by the love offering that this little room is to God, and the ascending prayers of intercession and worship like a fragrant incense, arising and moving His holy heart.

By the grace of God these prayers have not stopped and together we lift this love offering to the Lord.

Preview: IHOPU & the Candler Family

In addition to the glory of the prayer room in the rear-view mirror of 2020, in our next update we want to highlight some significant ministry achievements and fruit made possible by our ministry partners. This will be hitting your inbox in a few days.

, we’d love to take the opportunity to ask you to prayerfully consider us in your year-end giving. As the year comes to a close, we are leaning into the grace of the Lord on our family and ministry, positioning us for the future as it comes crashing in with greater intensity.

As such, your year-end gift plays a significant part in the stability and consistency that enables us to do what we do in prayer and in equipping leaders at our university. For that, we thank you again, and set ourselves once more to take on the future!

Until He Comes,

Matt & Dana Candler

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PS - If you missed the recent miraculous healing story of Hal Perkins (Dana’s father) in our last update, click to hear the story now.

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