A healing journey like I've never seen

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I have talked myself out of the attempt to capture our 2020 too many times in the last weeks. As soon as I think the 2020 snowball of activity will slow or start to melt, it only seems to descend down the mountain faster and bigger—this week being no exception.

But I must. And without fear for incompleteness, I dip my pen in the digital ink and put words on a page to begin to capture a bit of 2020.

But first, we must capture a story in these most recent weeks of 2020. And like all good stories, it began in a hole in the ground.

But if you don't have time to read the story, click here to watch it right now.

Dec. 9th, 2020: The Hole

, this was not your comfort-filled Hobbit-hole. No my dear Froto-friends, it was very much a nasty, dirty, wet hole on Wed Dec. 9th, 2020.

It was the 24th night since Dana’s father, Hal Perkins, checked into the hospital in Olathe Kansas on Nov. 16th, with what was confirmed later to be COVID, bi-lateral pulmonary pneumonia, large, bilateral pulmonary emboli (blood clots), and a severe case of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

After weeks of what felt like small wins interspersed with larger losses, he nevertheless stayed out of ICU and off of a ventilator, but mostly dependent on 60L or more of high-flow oxygen (that is a lot).

That night’s 8pm family Zoom prayer time with dad came on the heels of dire news from doctors lamentably unable to do anything more, stating that his “lungs have received a mortal wound,” implying that his lungs couldn’t recover. And another stating,“Anything is possible, but it has never been done. You’d be the first” (to recover from your condition).

Nevertheless, we gathered together on our zoom call and prayed as we had each night before, no heroes numbered among these hobbits, except the capital “H” Hero sustaining the grasp of faith in each of us, and the countless prayers of friends and family, known and unknown.

Dec 10, 2020: The Hallelujah

By some miracle, the hospital allowed Debbi Perkins (Hal’s wife), to visit him for one hour, which turned into 6 hours. She was the first person outside of medical staff that he’d seen in 25 days.

While she was there the miraculous updates poured into our family text thread::

  • 11:39am [Mom]: Dad is doing fabulous and down to 55L of oxygen.
  • 11:45am [Mom]: 10L
  • 11:45am [Dan]: Wait, what??? 👈🏻 My favorite text of the day
  • 11:46am [Mom]: Lungs are working and blood oxygen is 100% after walking with walker (this was incomparable to anything he for weeks prior).
  • 11:50am [Mom]: It’s a miracle.
  • 11:51am [Dan]: Just to clarify, you’re saying he was on 60L of oxygen and he is now on 10L while maintaining a 90+ on the pulseox?
  • 11:52am [Mom]: Please hold steady until we get more information.
  • 12:20pm [Mom]: YES, YES, YES…we both burst into tears!
  • 2:57pm [Dad]: We are slowly assimilating the story from Drs and others as possible. We have glory story of miracle in light of my circumstances, which were far more dire than we knew. Jesus is dramatically healing me, it seems even at instant, creative miracle level.

Watch the video👇🏻 of Hal's powerful testimony.

Hal Perkins Healing Testimony

What shall we render unto the Lord? [Psalm 116]

And just Saturday we got to take him home, where he was told three days before he would likely never return.

What shall we render unto the LORD for all His benefits? We shall take up and drink the cup of his salvation and drink to the dregs to our indebted gratitude (Psalm 116:13).

But not only that, with broken-hearted, faith-filled compassion we continue to call on his name for those still in the hole, and grieve with those who have lost precious lives (Ps.116:15) through death.

Indebted in Gratitude,


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